“Why” is a fantastic question. I recall that my daughter used to drive me crazy with a continual array of why, why, why, why… When someone reflects on why they do the things that they do, the answer should be simple. They should do the things that they do in obedience to God. For many, this statement will be interpreted as everyone should obey the Commandments and biblical principles as they progress through life. There is nothing wrong with obeying the Commandments and biblical principles but, that is not what I am saying. I am saying that one should act on what God is specifically telling them to do.

One of the Biblical words for obedience is transliterated as hupakuo. This word literally means hyper-hearing. I remember when my mother would holler at me, “Norman, did you hear me?” The question she was asking was not did I hear the words that she said but, why wasn’t I doing what she said. She wanted to know why I wasn’t obeying her. In the same way, God expects for us to, first of all, hear him and then to act on what he said. I do what I do because I believe that God has called me to do it. I am actively attempting to be obedient to God’s call on my life. But, am I special? I know that I am an ordained minister and as such am expected to obey God.

God has a mission or call for all of his children. He expects that they operate out of a loving relationship with him. He says that his children hear his voice. He expects for each Christian to cultivate a level of intimacy with him that enables them to accurately discern God’s still small voice and ignore other voices. God wants all of us to do what we do out of obedience. In fact, he sees sin not as doing bad or heinous things but disobeying his voice. An example of this that everyone is familiar with is Adam and Eve’s sin. They didn’t murder, commit adultery, steal, or even worship an idol. They just disobeyed. Obey God.

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